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Align Array 3 Laser/Inclinometer


The Align Array 3 is a network controllable Laser and Inclinometer which attaches directly to an enclosure or fly bar of nearly any line array speaker system. The Align Array 3 is Powered Over Ethernet (PoE), providing operational power as well as allowing for local network access. Each unit is accessible via a user defined IP address making reading the Align Array 3 inclination data as simple as opening a web browser. By using the built-in webpage to access your Align Array 3, you can adjust settings like laser blink speed and laser timeout. The unit can be further customized by accessing the Admin Page via the Management Functions option. The unit’s IP address, Hostname, and Admin Password can all be set from the Admin Page. Additionally, future updates to the device firmware can also be applied from the Admin Page when released.